First Post! 06/11/2008

Hi, Weebly said that if we do not recive a total of, at the very least, 17 comments a month we will have to shut down our web site.We are so sorry if you were not able to reach our web site the past few weeks, it keeps on doing that. If you have any new ideas for the WHAT'S HOT; WHAT'S NOT page please be sure to tell them to us.




Wed, 23 Jul 2008 08:54:59

I love the site but I also Like the color orange so it is completely unfair that you put that as not hot. I still like the site though.


Hannah M.

Sat, 26 Jul 2008 09:56:07

Hey i like the new page sami. I think it's better then the other Blonde Moment one.


Tue, 29 Jul 2008 09:41:46

Thanks for the leaving comments and I hate to say that we have to go to school again and I would like to say that we might not be on top of things like the summer and might not have that many updates. Please leave a comment to tell us if you like the new page!!!


Wed, 30 Jul 2008 16:10:31

hey! luv luv luv the site!


Wed, 30 Jul 2008 17:26:01

thx for putting my story in your page,,and the advice..............


Wed, 30 Jul 2008 17:29:55


you got a free ticket....wat does this mean? that means you are number 6 in my website...i didnt do a submision? well, with the free ticket ur website will be my top ten list of websites!
so click my name and then go to other cool are number 6!


Thu, 31 Jul 2008 11:17:18

HI! I love you website!!! Keep up the good work!!! PLease leave a comment on my website!!!!


Fri, 01 Aug 2008 12:51:20

Het plz plz go 2 my site, promise you won't b disapointed


Sun, 03 Aug 2008 11:55:51

hey, E.T., that is sickening.
hey peoples, site. visit mine please!!


Thu, 07 Aug 2008 07:44:58

ok.. how old r u??? no offense but u hav the kiddiest things for the "whats hot whats not" page... sites too dull... u need to make it more fun.. oh and great theme... pshhh ahhahaha


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