The Battle

As you could see Sashell left a comment told us about her best freiend this is the story she told us: I have a best friend named Ashley..she's 10 just like me (Sashell),but she is such a "know it all." She always thinks she's right about things,and she has another friend named Maibelies and she hangs out with her more than me. I don't want to be her friend. And one time I told a girl to tell Ashley that I didn't want to be her friend anymore. After that ,Ashley kept on bugging me and gossipping about me with the mean girls *Jada and Andrea*.. just I can't take it anymore. Well, that is her story and here is some advice for her from Hanna & Samantha.Trust us we have had a lot of fights but you should act like you don't care. If she says mean stuff to you or the "mean" girls, just say "Ok" or "whatever" and walk away. Stop talking to her and hang out with some body else, butdo NOT try to makeher jeleous. The reason why I now this will work is because she is trying to get you upset and mad. If she sees it is not working and you don't care she will stop. And if she doesn't It still shouldn't matter. If it gets really bad ask her once to stop and then go tell the teacher and he/she will do something. And always remember that she is jelous of you and for some reason wants to be like you. So if she makes you "un-cool" she thinks she will be "cool" but it won't.

Can I borrow that...?


It was the 2nd week of school and Matt had really cool markers.His best friend Suzie asked if she could borrow them and being her best friend Matt said, "yes." Suzie took advantage of that and started telling people that they were hers. Later that day a girl named Athena asked Suzie if she could use the markers and Suzie said, " sure, why not?" At the end of the day Matt asked suzie for his markers back so Suzie asked Athena. It turned out Athena had lost one of the markers. Suzie got kind of mad because she did not know what she should tell Matt. Athena wrote an apologie letter to Suzie and Suzie wrote an apologie letter to Matt. Matt was mad, he wouldn't talk to Suzie until she found his marker. A few days later Matt got a package in the mail from Suzie it was a new box of the cool markers. And of course like best friends do Suzie said sorry and Matt said it is o.k.