Are You True Best Friends??? Here is a test to determine wheather your friends or Foes!!!

1. Do you know your BFF's favorite subject in school?

2. Do you know how to react when your BFF is non-stop crying?

3. Do you both consider each other bffs?

4. Do you and your BFF dislike each others parents?

5. Can people make you say bad things about your BFF?
6. Do you hang out with your BFF's foe?

7.Do you have more than 1 fight every 4 months?

8. Do you guys believe bad rumors about your bff?

9.Do you get presents on spedial holidays from him/her?

**bounus- do yoyu guys have the same style?

Answer key
 #1. Yes  #3. Yes #5. No         #7. No  #9. Yes/No
#2. Yes  #4. No   #6. Yes/No  #8. No  #10. Yes/No

If you got...

10-8  True bffs

7-5 just maybe you'll make it but by a little

4-0  do you know that persons name or did you just meet one second ago

It doesn't matter if you guys dress the same or if you don't get a present on your birthday, it only matters if you guys get along with each other. Have a great time on the website( I feel sorry for who ever gets 4-0 on their test but try next month and you might get better resoltes)