First Post! 06/11/2008

Hi, Weebly said that if we do not recive a total of, at the very least, 17 comments a month we will have to shut down our web site.We are so sorry if you were not able to reach our web site the past few weeks, it keeps on doing that. If you have any new ideas for the WHAT'S HOT; WHAT'S NOT page please be sure to tell them to us.



    Hi BFFs, I am Hanna and I am Samantha and we created this web site. We started making it because we thought it could bring us closer; Hey look, it did!! Hanna as blonde hair and is very smart. Samantha has brown hair and is very smart too. We hope you enjoy the site and play some of the games and we are thinking of putting music so leave a comment of what ever you want


    June 2008



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