The winners of this month are!!!!!!




 The winners of this month are Jenat and Mary. They sent in a picture and we thought that they were twins or something, because they look so much alike. They said that their favorite activity is camping in their backyard. Sometimes they even roast marshmellows by the fire place. They are about 9 years old and do everything together. They have been friends for 4 years now, and they love having each other as best friends.

Vote for next months BFFs of the month!!!!!

 This time you get to vote who you think will be

the months BFFs of the month!!!!


First up for voting is: Lea and Leah

These are great BFFs. What a coincidence that they are best
friends and their names are pronounced the same. Unlike Jenat and Mary, though, they are totally opposite. Lea has blond hair and Leah has black hair; Lea has 2 sisters and 1 brother and Leah has 2 brothers and 1 sister; but their biggest diference is Lea is pretty short and Leah is really tall.

Next is: Brandon and Robert
Well, Brandon and Robert have only known
each other for 2 years. But, Brandon and Robert hang out with each other all the time, it's crazy! They are both in 6th grade, and will soon be in 7th grade together.

Last but not least is: Kris & Kate Kris and Kate went through grade school together and will be in their freshman year of highschool. They have a lot in common and they hang out with each other almost 24/7. When they are not with each other they are either doing their sports or talking to each other on their cell phones.