It is August!!!!!

Hello everyone.  Did you know last week was national friendship week? If you didn't, well now you do!!! We have added on a new awesome page: TheGame Page. We want to know what you think about it so plesase write us a comment about it, oh yeah, be sure to also write what you think is Hot and Not. (you can do that by going to the Comment page)    We  picked 2 people we thought had the best fourth of July; Kiki and Jake.  Kiki  spent her fourth of  July at her aunts house, there was a big party.  After that she went to watch the fireworks at the park. Jake went to seaworld. he stayed 2 nights there. He got to watch fireworks from his hotel. How cool!!! Also when you go to the Comment page if the name is colerd that menas  they have a website so check it out like Jonathan & Sashell.


The Saying of the Month

The great quote of the month is  
 "Friendship is one mind is two bodies." This quote may be a bit confusing but just keep reading it and you will realize what it means. Now for this month we are asking you to do what you did last month. After you figure out what it means, tell a friend this quote and then ask them what they think it means. Once you do that go to our "Guest Book" and write what you think it means and what your friend thinks it means and next month we will reveil the winners of who got it right, and they can pick three "What's hot, What's not" things.


Wacky News!!!!!

Before you get started, I would like to give a birthday shout out to Kris; August 16th, Nora; August 27th, Jake; also August 27th, Nick; August 12th, Candace; August 5th.  Did you know last week was national friendship week? If you didn't, well now you do! Our site has been getting a lot more visitors. We want to thank the people who left some wonderful comments. We like to leave little comment time to time. We are very sorry that some people weren't able to get on we were having some problems with the site we believe the site is now fixed though. Getting off that topic we want you to love the site. We would like you guys to leave a comment or email Hanna (if you go to her school). Please check out our newest page THE GAME PAGE. I also what every one to send in how the first day of school wentbecause I know it is coming up soon and the end of summer is near and you guys might be nervous. With that, all we have to say is Peace out.